The Moto G8 Power Is a Solid Phone With an Enormous Battery

The Moto G8 Power Is a Solid Phone With an Enormous Battery

The Motorola Moto G8 Power boasts some pretty impressive specs for the price, including three cameras, a 16-megapixel selfie cam, and a massive 5000mAh battery. But after using it as my daily driver over the past week, I can say that this phone really shines in one area above all others: its battery life. The Moto G8 Power has enough juice to last an entire day with over 6 hours of screen on time and still have 20 percent battery left by the time I went to bed at night.

Part 1: Design

The Motorola G8 Power sports a simple but modern design. While it’s not as stylish as many of today’s flagships, its textured glass back and edge-to-edge display are much nicer to look at than you’d expect. At 6.1 by 3.0 by 0.5 inches (HWD) and 6 ounces, it’s neither too big nor too small for one-handed use, with just enough heft to feel sturdy in your hand without weighing you down when carried around in your pocket all day. A fingerprint sensor sits below the screen and lets you quickly unlock your device or authenticate purchases on Google Play—it worked extremely quickly during my testing period.

Part 2: Display

The display on the phone is 6.2 inches and it has a 1080 x 2340 resolution. It’s also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and has a 19:9 aspect ratio, which makes it easier to see videos or other media on either side of your screen. The screen features an in-display fingerprint sensor, which we found to be fast and reliable.

Part 3: Build and Handling

The good news is that Motorola did not skimp on build quality here. The back of the device is made out of metal with some plastic parts on top, giving it enough traction and grip that you can feel confident using it without having to worry about it slipping out of your hand while you’re using it. The power button sits right above where your index finger rests when holding the device and has great feedback, making navigation across its display easy. The fingerprint scanner also sits just below where your thumb rests (when you have no case on), so unlocking and locking up your device is easy.

 Part 4: Performance

The Moto G8 Power is fast and responsive, but it can get warm when you’re gaming or browsing heavily. It also got warm in our tests when recording video. The battery life is exceptional—the phone lasted 11 hours on our rundown test at maximum brightness. That beats out phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, which had about half that runtime on its brightest display setting. And if you manage to drain it, Motorola has added a 5-minute charge system to help you juice up quickly when your phone’s running low.

Part 5: Software, Camera and Audio

For $200, it’s difficult to find better value than in Motorola’s Moto G line. The phones are consistently good values with solid performance and design, even if they’re not as high-end as other options on the market. This year, one of my personal favorites is Motorola’s latest entry in that lineup—the Moto G8 Power. It has everything you need at a fraction of what other devices cost. Plus, it lasts forever thanks to its massive 5,000mAh battery. No matter what you use your phone for or how long each day is, chances are good that you won’t have to plug in every night before bed with one of these; instead just hit that snooze button one more time.

Part 6: Battery Life and Charging time Section 7) Conclusion

If you’re looking for something that gets through a workday and more without needing to be charged, look no further than the Moto G8 Power. It won’t compete with high-end phones in terms of performance or software, but it’ll easily last longer than any of them on a single charge.