8 Ways to Recycle or Sell Your iPhone X

8 Ways to Recycle or Sell Your iPhone X

A new iPhone X can cost you thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean you should keep yours once you stop using it. In this article, we’re going to tell you 8 ways to recycle or sell your iPhone X and make some of that money back before investing in the latest model or upgrading to the newest release from another manufacturer. Just follow these simple steps, and soon you could be making a little extra cash off your old device!

1) Think about what you love about it

The iPhone X is a beautiful phone that has an all-screen design and Face ID, making it the most advanced smartphone on the market. It also has wireless charging and an improved camera. But as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. And when we decide to upgrade our phones, there are some ways in which we can still use the old one. So here are 8 ways in which you can recycle or sell your old iPhone X:

  •  Trade in at Apple Stores
  •  Send for recycling through Gazelle
  •  Buy a new case from Griffin Technology
  •  Buy refurbished from Apple
  • Buy from NextWorth or eBay if it’s not too old
  •  Make an offer to buy someone’s iPhone X (great if they want to upgrade!)
  •  You could even give it away!

2) Buy cases online

If you still have cases for your old phone, you can use them for the new one. They will protect it and make it easier to find your phone if you ever misplace it. Keep in mind that most cases are not made for the latest models, so you may need to put a cut-out around the camera lens.

If there’s a case on Amazon that you like but it doesn’t fit your new phone, check out the seller’s other listings. They might have an older version of that same model with a different size case.

If you don’t want any more scratches on your screen, buy a screen protector before putting on a case. Screen protectors are usually inexpensive, but they’re worth their price because they’ll keep your screen looking pristine. A basic package of two should last at least a year, and you’ll be able to find more expensive ones if you prefer (though I’m personally happy with this basic model). Put the first one on by lining up the home button with the hole and smoothing it from left to right as much as possible. Peel off the back plastic cover to reveal adhesive strips at top and bottom corners—do not remove these protective pieces! Apply pressure all along the strip where there is no adhesive until it sticks securely to your phone; repeat this step at bottom corners.

3) Review if it’s worth fixing

If you’re still under warranty, it may be a good idea to see if Apple will fix the device for free. If you’re out of warranty, and don’t want to spend money on repairs, there are alternatives. You could sell your device through a platform like Swappa and eBay. Or, you could trade in your old phone at one of the wireless providers in your area (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile). Remember: there’s no need to pay a big sum up front when you can get an estimate from the experts at iCracked! For $69-$139, our professional technicians will come to your home, evaluate the problem with your iPhone X and either repair it on site or provide an estimated price for fixing elsewhere.

4) Selling apps on eBay and Craigslist

When you sell apps on eBay and Craigslist, be sure to set a starting bid price. This will make it more appealing for buyers because the app is more affordable. You can also offer the buyer an incentive for purchasing your app, like a free game download. A good seller should also take time to write a clear description of the app and any features that are unique about it. Be sure to include pictures of screenshots from the game if you have them too! Finally, when selling apps on eBay and Craigslist, always be sure to include instructions on how buyers can download and install the game as well as any other information you think is important for a buyer before buying your app.

5) List items on Facebook marketplace

  •  List your phone on Facebook Marketplace (you can also list it on other sites like Craigslist)
  •  Put the phone in a package with a prepaid envelope and ship it to Gazelle. They will pay you $150 if you send them your old iPhone 7, $250 for an 8, $350 for an 8 Plus, and $400 for an X.
  •  Trade the phone in at Target
  •  Exchange the phone at Apple (Apple will give you up to $275 for an 8, up to $325 for an 8 Plus, and up to $350 for an X) – Check if there are any trade-in promotions through your wireless carrier. Some of these promotions require that you are eligible for an upgrade but this is usually easy to verify online by checking out your plan eligibility
  •  Get cash back: download apps like Ibotta and Shopkick which reward users with cash back when they go shopping
  •  Sell the phone outright: check eBay’s iPhone X page as well as Swappa where people often buy used iPhones from each other

6) Give them away to friends and family

If you don’t have any immediate use for your old phone, consider giving it away. It’s a great way to get rid of the device and make someone else happy in the process. Plus, they’ll be grateful that they will no longer be paying monthly charges for something they don’t need anymore!

  •  Offer it as a gift with some other tech goodies.
  •  Give it to your kids (or grandkids) who are too young for a smartphone.
  •  Don’t forget about family members like parents and grandparents who may not have grown up with smartphones at their fingertips.
  •  Trade-in programs offer cash back on old devices so consider going through one of them if you’re looking for some quick money.

7)Take it in for a battery replacement at Apple

You can also take your phone in for a battery replacement at Apple. The company will replace your battery and then sell it back to you. You’ll save money by not having to buy a new phone and recycling your old one. Plus, you’ll help the environment by no longer using any more electricity than necessary! Sell parts of the phone online. Section 6: Throw away what you don’t want: Another option is to throw away anything that’s not important, such as the SIM card, case, and other accessories. Then take what remains to a recycler who accepts electronics or try selling your device on eBay if it still works well enough. Don’t forget about checking with local companies that collect electronics for recycling too!

8) Put it in an auction site like eBay, craigslist, Letgo etc.

  •  Put it in an auction site like eBay, craigslist, Letgo etc.
  •  Give it as a gift to a family member, friend, or loved one.
  •  Sell the screen and parts on ebay for other broken iPhones and parts.
  •  Trade in your old phone for credit towards a new device at your carrier’s store (only applicable if you are eligible).
  •  Buy an eco-friendly phone case made from recycled materials like bamboo or hemp.
  • Trade in your old phone for credit towards a new device at your carrier’s store (only applicable if you are eligible).
  •  Donate your old smartphone to charity and make the world better place.
  •  Call your wireless carrier and ask them what they do with all of their retired phones before throwing them away.
  •  Use Cash Cow App – buy apps, electronics, clothes & more with cash! It’s fast and easy!
  •  Install Malwarebytes on your PC so that when you donate or sell it, there is no chance of anyone getting access to personal data stored on the device.