The Best PC Power Supply Units for Gamers and Everyone Else Who Wants the Best

The Best PC Power Supply Units for Gamers and Everyone Else Who Wants the Best

Power supply units, or PSUs, are one of those things that you might not notice when they work well, but when they go wrong they’re one of the most frustrating computer hardware components to replace and repair. A good PSU will keep your PC running for years without needing to be replaced, so picking one that fits your needs perfectly is vital. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your system or are building your first gaming PC, here are some of the best PSUs on the market today.

Types of PSUs

While PSUs come in a wide range of sizes and specs, there are only three main types: ATX (also referred to as standard or desktop); SFX; and TFX. Before you can determine which type is best, you have to figure out what your case has room for. In general, ATX power supplies will work with any case that supports them, but if you have an SFX or TFX power supply, you’ll need a case specifically designed to accommodate it. You may also want to consider whether you want modular cables or non-modular cables—the former allows you to remove unused cables from your PSU, while the latter leaves all of its cables attached. This is often a matter of preference, but modularity makes cable management easier and cleaner looking. 2. Best PSUs under $50: cheap options for gamers and more Title: The 10 Best Cheap PC Power Supply Units Under $50 That Are Great For Gaming And More!

How to Choose an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

To keep your equipment running through brief interruptions of electric service, buy a UPS with at least a 500-VA rating. A 1000-VA UPS is better if you want to work through longer outages of up to several hours. Buy more than you think you need—it’s less expensive to buy a bigger one than it is to replace all your equipment that’s damaged by an outage. Make sure whatever unit you choose has enough outlets, on both its battery backup side and its surge protection side, to cover all your equipment. Plan on at least 10–12 outlets in total if you are protecting both desktop computers as well as home theater gear, or 20–25 outlets if everything is on separate UPS units.

What Are Good Computer Power Supplies?

One of the most overlooked hardware components in a computer is often its power supply unit, or PSU. In fact, we can’t remember meeting anyone who even knows what a PSU is. The basic function of a power supply unit is to keep your computer alive. Of course, you might get away with just plugging it in and calling it a day but if you want your computer to last a long time, then you need an awesome power supply that won’t let your system down.

5 Best Computer PSUs in 2018

How to Choose? ​Finding a good power supply unit is an important task, as it is one of those peripherals that are hard to replace if they stop working. The most notable characteristic that should be found in a power supply unit is reliability, because no one wants to deal with issues such as their computer turning off randomly because of an unstable source of power. Another aspect that people should consider is wattage, meaning how much energy the device can channel into your computer before reaching its limit.

Buying a PC PSU – Final Tips

Choosing a PSU can be tricky, because there are lots of factors to take into account: compatibility with your case, wattage needed, efficient power supply and so on. If you’re buying a new gaming computer or video editing workstation, it’s worth doing some research before you pull out your credit card. Once you know what PSU fits your requirements best—and have verified that it will work with your case—it’s time to make a purchase. As always, don’t skimp when it comes to things like power supplies—they’re pretty cheap in comparison to other parts!