How To Farm Rubber in Fallout 76

How To Farm Rubber in Fallout 76

Rubber is a frequently utilized material in Fallout 76 to make armor, weapons, camp furnishings, and repairs. Rubber really appears in more than 201 crafting recipes and plans, making it an important tool in the game. Seasonal tickets can be obtained by finishing timed tasks that call for dumping unwanted stuff to make Rubber.

While most things in Appalachia produce rubber when scrapped, it can be cumbersome to manage a lot of rubbish with your little inventory space. The greatest methods to farm rubber in Fallout 76 have been listed to help you accumulate Rubber above your needs.

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How to Farm Rubber in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, gathering all of the basketballs and kickballs from the Grafton school gym is one of the greatest methods to farm Rubber.

Grafton lies northeast of Vault 76, or on a global map, just south of Wavy Willard’s Water Park. Once in Grafton, head to the northern section of town to see a little structure housing an overgrown basketball court. The Grafton school gymnasium door is located directly next to the court.

Voting boxes and drapes abound as soon as you walk inside the gym. I suppose political elections can happen in school gyms even in video games. The indoor gym’s back has a big ball chest filled with Kickballs; ignore all the political decorations and go there. Take everything and throw open the gym storage room door. Basketballs are inside another ball chest. Take those as well (and picture how your character looks carrying 12 kickballs and 15 basketballs at once), then return to your camp or any other location with a workbench.

You get three rubber for each basketball or kickball you scrap. I left with 81 Rubber without even taking all the balls. The nicest thing is that you can just relog, switch planets, and then loot balls till you’re overflowing.

Where to Find Rubber in Fallout 76

You have to discard particular garbage in Appalachia in order to get rubber. Although these junk things are dispersed over Appalachia, some locations are ideal to acquire a lot of them at once to effectively obtain the necessary amount of Rubber for crafting and timed challenges. Some of the nicest spots for this are listed below.

Where in Fallout 76 is the best place to farm rubber?

  • Camden Park: The Dross Toss game booth has a tonne of basketballs that, when scrapped, are worth three rubber each.
  • Grafton (town): You can scrap up to ten extinguishers for two rubbers each.
  • Grafton School Gym: A large number of kickballs are in the main gym. Then go through the closet and get a few basketballs.
  • Ohio River Adventures: Here you can find a ton of Life Preservers, which when scrapped yield a ton of other valuable crafting materials like Springs.
  • Tyler Fairgrounds: Around the Dross Toss gaming booth are up to ten basketballs.
  • Whitespring Golf Club: Scrapping Golf Clubs will give you one of each, steel, plastic, and rubber.

For Fallout 76 timed tasks, it’s a good idea to make Bulk Rubber on a Tinkerer’s bench and then discard it. Though it takes 10 units of raw Rubber to make bulk Rubber, you can use Rubber you already have saved before the timed challenge began. Bulk Rubber will also need two units of plastic to be fashioned.

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This approach will save you important Caps, time, and effort by avoiding you from rushing across Appalachia to farm trash. If you are not a Fallout First subscription and other gamers have raided every Rubber supply, this is quite helpful.