Walmart’s PS5 Restock Sells Out Quickly – Here’s Where to Get Your Console Next

Walmart's PS5 Restock Sells Out Quickly - Here's Where to Get Your Console Next

The Playstation 5 has finally hit store shelves, with Walmart being one of the first places to get your hands on the console. However, due to the overwhelmingly high demand for the PS5, Walmart’s restock has already sold out within minutes, resulting in many people wondering where they can get their hands on one next? Check out this article to find out where you can go next to get your console now!

The PlayStation 5 Has Restocked At Walmart

Sony announced the PlayStation 5 at their E3 press conference this year, which is set to release in 2020. Walmart restocked their PS5 inventory and it sold out quickly, but here are some other places you can get your hands on a new console. First up is Amazon- they have them available for preorder for $299.99 with an expected delivery date of December 31st, 2019. You can also buy from Best Buy who has the same price with an expected delivery date of December 28th or Newegg where you’ll find them for $349 with free shipping- so there’s no excuse not to wait!

The PS5 was In-Stock on January 25th

This morning, Walmart released a restock for the PlayStation 5 and it sold out within minutes. If you’re looking for your next console and missed the chance this time, check out these other places that have the PS5 in stock. The PlayStation 5 is In-Stock at Amazon:

For those who are not interested in Walmart, the PlayStation 5 can be purchased on Amazon. The PlayStation 5 is In-Stock at GameStop: For those of you who are more into GameStop than Walmart, Sony’s newest console is available there as well. The PlayStation 5 is In-Stock at Target: You may also be able to find one at Target if you happen to live near one of their stores or order one online.

Stores Will Receive more Consoles Tomorrow, January 29th

The PlayStation 5 restock at Walmart, which took place yesterday, January 28th, sold out within minutes. Luckily, there are many other ways to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 console. For instance, Target is also offering a similar deal. They’re selling their consoles for $399 and will be open at 12:01am tomorrow morning on January 29th. This is the perfect opportunity for those who missed out on the Walmart deal yesterday.

How To Avoid Disappointment From Selling Out

It looks like Walmart’s restock of the PlayStation 5 sold out as quickly as it did last time. This means that if you were looking to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 console, you’ll want to act fast and make sure you’re signed up for notifications. One way to do this is by following these retailers who’ve announced they’ll be restocking the PlayStation 5 in 2019: Best Buy, Target, Walmart (again) GameStop and Amazon.

Be One Of The First To Know When There Are More Consoles Coming

If you missed out on Walmart’s PlayStation 5 restock, don’t worry! There will be more consoles for sale soon. Sony is expected to release more in the coming weeks, and the next chance for a restock is at GameStop in October. Stay tuned for more information about when and where you can buy your console next! You may also want to check with other stores or go online as well. Some stores are already taking preorders for consoles due out later this year or early 2020.