IPhone 8 mini vs iPhone SE : Which is the best small phone?

IPhone 8 mini vs iPhone SE Which is the best small phone

IPhone users wanting the smallest phone possible have two distinct options to choose from in Apple’s iPhone SE and iPhone 8 mini. Both phones are similar in size, but there are several major differences that set them apart from each other, including internal hardware, cameras, and operating systems. So which of these small phones should you get? Here’s an iPhone SE vs iPhone 8 mini comparison to help you decide!

The TechCrunch First Impressions

The first impression we get from any product, especially a smartphone that’s already two years old, isn’t a very good one. The past two generations of iPhones have been full of excitement, so it’s easy to forget that just five years ago, people were buying big phones with four-inch displays. Now, we take for granted that our smartphones are pocket computers and not just telephones in disguise. But there are still plenty of people who want their phones to be as small as possible. For those folks, Apple has an iPhone for you: It’s called the iPhone SE, and it’s smaller than even last year’s models.

The Screen Size Difference

Of course, with a smaller 4-inch display, you get a much smaller screen. This means everything looks smaller on the iPhone 8 mini than it does on its bigger sibling. However, Apple’s ability to cram even more pixels into such a tiny display means you won’t miss out on any detail when watching videos or playing games. If anything, you might actually enjoy seeing things in greater clarity. If a larger display is what you want, then there are plenty of other options available—but if your eyesight isn’t what it used to be and your fingers aren’t as nimble as they once were, then perhaps an iPhone 8 mini will fit your needs better.

The Build Quality Differences

The design for both phones are extremely similar. However, there are a few subtle differences that are worth noting. First off, I’ll start with what isn’t different. The frame and material of these two phones is mostly identical. Both have an aluminum back along with chamfered edges on all four sides of the display panel. On top of that, it also appears that both have glass on top with very thin bezels surrounding them on all sides.

Battery and Camera Comparisons

If you opt for an iPhone Xs or Xs Max, you’re going to get a couple more hours of battery life than if you pick up an older model. It’s not a huge difference—Apple claims about 30 minutes more for both phones—but it’s there, and it may be worth your money to pay that bit extra and get some extra usage out of your device. You might also want to consider what kind of camera experience you want. The smaller models have 12-megapixel cameras with larger pixels, which means they can take in more light and produce better images in low-light settings. The newer models have dual 12-megapixel cameras on their backside; one wide angle lens and one telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom capabilities.