How to Use Google Docs to Add Page Numbers and Bookmarks

How to Use Google Docs to Add Page Numbers and Bookmarks

Google Docs has plenty of features that can help you with your writing, whether it’s collaborating on an outline or writing an entire book from start to finish. One commonly-requested feature, however, is the ability to add page numbers and bookmarks within the document itself. Luckily, there’s a way to do this! Here’s how to use Google Docs to add page numbers and bookmarks to your documents.

Adding Bookmarks

Bookmarks can help you keep track of specific parts of your document that you may need to go back to again. To add a bookmark in Google Docs, select the text for which you want the bookmark, then click on the Insert tab in the toolbar. Next, choose Insert Bookmark from the drop-down menu, enter a name for the bookmark, and click OK. You’ll now see an empty bookmark with your new name next to it; simply drag this down to where you would like it inserted into your document.

Adding Page Numbers

In order to add page numbers, click on the Insert menu in the top right corner of your document. Choose Page Number from the list of options. After choosing Page Number, you will be given two options: 1) Continuous, or 2) Every Page. If you choose Continuation, then every new page that is added automatically gets a number.

If you choose Every Page, then only pages that have been created manually get a number. If a new page is added before the first manual one, it will not have a number until after the next one is made.

Editing AutoSave Options

To start, open a new document in Google Docs. Go to the File menu, then select Edit auto-save. You can now turn auto-save on or off, as well as change how often it saves (every 10 minutes or every 60 minutes). Next, go back to the File menu. Select Document Properties. In this menu you’ll be able to see different options like Title of your document, Author name, and Subject line for your document. Change any information that needs to be updated and click Update title. The final step is adding page numbers and bookmarks with these steps:

First, make sure formatting is set to Headings. Second, insert the bookmarks by clicking on Insert > Bookmark > Apply bookmark at each chapter break. And finally, hit Insert > Numbering > Numbering style > Show number everywhere.

Editing AutoCorrect Options

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