How Cutefish Could Make Linux the Most Adorable Desktop Environment

How Cutefish Could Make Linux the Most Adorable Desktop Environment

What makes Linux so great? Why do developers and users prefer it over Windows or Mac OS X? While many will point to the software freedom and open source nature of Linux, few would argue that it’s one of the most appealing desktop environments out there, featuring customizable visuals and a clean user interface that’s easy to use. However, when you look at most desktop environments, what you see are basic elements like windows, menus, and taskbars that don’t really look all that different from each other or from their counterparts in Windows or Mac OS X.

What Is Cutefish?

Cutefish is a new desktop environment for Linux that is designed to be extremely cute and user-friendly. The project is still in its early stages, but it has already attracted a lot of attention and excitement. It’s currently only available as an Ubuntu PPA (personal package archive), so you’ll need to install this first before installing Cutefish.

As well as being super fun and cute, this desktop environment comes with a bunch of different features that make it much more practical than you might think at first glance. For example, there are plenty of customizable themes included by default which can be tweaked to suit your preferences – perfect if you have a Windows laptop too!

If you don’t like the default themes then there are also plenty more available from GitHub – all free for use! The developers are also working on adding a grid-based virtual workspace and media center functions. These would mean that you could change between apps using simple left/right navigation buttons rather than having to close them down individually each time. What’s even better is that this way users won’t get distracted by notifications popping up while they’re working!

Cutefish will most likely be ready for public release in the near future, but until then we’ll just have to settle for checking out what’s been shared so far online or try installing it ourselves if we’re feeling adventurous enough!

Why It Matters

The Linux desktop environment has come a long way in recent years. But one area where it has lagged behind is in cuteness. That’s where Cutefish comes in. This adorable desktop environment could be the thing that finally makes Linux the most user-friendly desktop for everyone. It works with popular, well-known desktop applications like Spotify and Gmail and supports both dark and light themes.

Aesthetics aside, it looks like this might be a great lightweight alternative to some of the more bloated desktops out there. It also doesn’t require a lot of heavy system resources which could help newbies who are looking to jump on board with Linux but don’t have all the technical know-how to set up other more powerful alternatives like KDE or GNOME.

The Future Of Linux Desktops

If you’re looking for an adorable desktop environment that’s also user-friendly, look no further than Cutefish. This unique DE is based on the popular mobile game Cut the Rope and promises to make your Linux experience more fun and cute than ever before. While it’s still in development, Cutefish is already gaining a lot of traction – and it could very well be the future of Linux desktops. It was originally designed as a 3D Unity demo project by developer Ludovic Hirlimann. But after people started playing with it, he decided to make it into its own distribution with many different versions available including Cinnamon, KDE Plasma 5, LXDE and MATE. And because this OS has so much going for it, there are even talks about implementing Cutefish onto Android devices. With such widespread popularity and so much promise, this quirky desktop environment may just be what we need to inject some life back into our otherwise dry computer screens.