Find Out the Best Tips to Make Your Hotel More Lavish


Have you ever stepped into a luxurious hotel room and instantly felt calmer? You are not the only one. It works in many ways, such as ambient lighting, clever zoning, and other tricks, to make the space look bigger and grander.

To achieve that, we will revolve around some of the most crucial things you can add to your hotel to make your guests feel like they are in a luxury hotel. Whether it is advice on modernizing your main suite or making your foyer a wow factor, we have some exciting hotel ideas to get you started.

1. Add Ambient Lighting

You cannot expect affordable hotel chains to have ceiling lights as the main source of lighting like a five-star hotel.

On the other hand, ambient lighting, which uses table lamps and lampshades, will bring about a sense of serenity and coziness. Likewise, you can create this by adding ‘various light sources’ to your hotel rooms to give them a special kind of atmosphere. Use the ceiling lights minimally to create real flickering of the candlelight bulbs.

2. Do Invest in high-quality beds

If you still need to do it, now is the time to do it and invest in what your guests will be spending a lot of time on. Your hospitality bedding can make a lasting impression on the guests’ minds, resulting in a more profitable hospitality business. 

What’s more, it’s worth considering the number of mattresses, sheets, and bed linen on the beds and spending a little more to get good quality. 

3. Consider Rental Options for Quality Bed Linen

Chains, as well as independent hotels, often face the same issue, which is dull and crappy patterns made of synthetic fabric. Do not be one of them. Guests don’t want their hotel rooms to appear and feel cheap. 

For that reason, room images, along with bed linens, are among the very first things guests will see. Hence, make use of this in order to impress them and only use high-quality bed linen. Although it is quite simple, it is the very cornerstone of a good hotel guest’s stay.

If you are unsure of your options, select neutral tones or go for fluffy, white duvets. White is the most efficient in terms of cleaning, and when used in one’s space, it creates a feeling of much more spaciousness. Quality bed linen is an absolute necessity, so if you do not want to buy it, renting is the smartest and most convenient solution.

4. Paint the Walls in Neutral Hues

Many hotels need their walls to be more influential. The use of soft yellow colors and contrasting walls of old has become passé, and we can no longer see them on the walls. Now, you can easily and cheaply update your hotel rooms by painting them in pale pastels, white, or neutral colors.

Guests expect the contemporary design to be conceptualized and feel cozy as soon as they check in after a weary flight. These trends have actually led to a niche use of the word “hotelify” amongst them. It means guests love the kinds of contemporary hotel interiors that they find at hotels, and they want to bring these designs into their homes. 

Something that hardly astonishes you as it is a reality that people strongly associate a good hotel stay with exceptional memory and experience.