Phone Damage: 09 Most Common Causes

Phone Damage

Over time, there have been so many technological advancements in the phone. However, modern smartphones are thinner, lighter, and contain more fragile components, which increases their susceptibility to malfunctions, crashes, and damage over time. 

The common damages include dropping, screen cracks, and scratches, physical damage, sitting on it, letting kids use phones, falling in the water or liquid spill, overheating, and manufacturing defects. These damages often need various cell phone repair services. Keep reading to learn more about these phone issues.

09 Common Causes Behind Cell Phone Repairs

A few of the most frequent reasons why phones break are as follows:

1. Falling And Crashing 

A common cause behind phone damage is phone dropping. Dropping a phone can cause internal damage, body damage, or even a cracked screen. Even with a case, the phone might not be completely safe. So, using a sturdy screen protector and a rugged case is crucial.

2. Screen Cracks and Scratches

Cracks and scratches on the screen are other typical phone damage types. Screen cracks can result from unintentional drops, but scratches can be caused by frequent use. In addition to being unsightly, a cracked screen reduces the phone’s sensitivity to touches. Using a rugged case to stop screen cracks and a screen protector to stop scratches is crucial.

3. Body Damage and Bending

A phone can bend and cause damage to the body for a number of reasons, such as stepping on it by accident or sitting on it. Bending the phone may result in internal damage, whereas body damage may cause dents or scratches. It’s crucial to treat the phone gently and avoid placing it in hazardous or easily damaged environments.

4. Damage Due To Overheating

Overheating is one of the most frequent reasons behind phone damage. Numerous factors can cause phones to overheat, like

  • Exposure to direct sunlight
  • Warm surrounding air
  • Using too many apps simultaneously

A phone’s battery, processor, and other internal parts can sustain serious harm when it overheats. The phone may abruptly shut down due to overheating, which may cause data loss and other problems.

A deep burn is one of the most typical indicators that your phone overheated and caused damage. The user’s skin may get burned when a phone gets too hot. This thing is particularly true if the phone is in a pocket or bag for a long time.

5. Manufacturing Defects

Defective manufacturing is a prevalent reason for phone damage. A manufacturing defect is known as a flaw in a product that arises during the manufacturing process and renders it unsafe or unusable. Design flaws, subpar materials, or human error during manufacturing can all be the cause. The manufacturing defects cause:

  • A Malfunctioning Battery: It is among the most frequent manufacturing flaws. When a battery or battery pack burns, it can result in an explosion that damages property and injures people. 
  • A Broken Screen:  A manufacturing process error, subpar materials, or a design flaw could cause this. The phone may become unusable due to cracks, scratches, or other damage caused by a malfunctioning screen.
  • Software Problems: The phone may have malware programs installed, which can lead to frequent freezing or hanging. Frequently clearing the cache data can assist in resolving this problem.

6. Allowing Children To Use Your Phone

Some parents allow their kids to use phones to prevent their tantrums or keep their kids from being unruly. On the other hand, never allow a child to use your phone unattended. Your smartphone may sustain internal or external damage if children drop it, spill food on it, or misidentify it as a toy. Additionally, research indicates that letting kids use phones can harm their development and health.

7. Sitting On Your Phone

Ignoring the dangers, many phone users like to place their devices in their back pockets or leave them on the couch. This can result from deep scratches, fractured internal components, and cracked screens. 

8. Putting Your Phone In The Water

When smartphones are submerged in water, they may develop permanent problems. Surprisingly, prolonged submersion can still cause damage to even water-resistant ones. In order to prevent short circuits, it is advisable to unplug your device and turn it off before turning it back on when this occurs.

9. Liquid Leaking Onto Your Phone

One common reason why phones break is spilling liquid on them. Unfortunately, this can result in costly cell phone repairs and replacements, just like it can with any other cause of water damage. Don’t waste time cleaning up spills that happen by accident. Your phone can function better the sooner you take it to a professional phone repair technician. 

Tips To Avoid Phone Damage

There are various steps you can take to avoid breaking your phone. The following advice can help you protect your phone and avoid spending on cell phone repair:

  • Put On A Protective Case: A case can shield your phone from harm and lessen the impact of a fall. Make sure the phone case you select fits correctly and offers sufficient protection.
  • Invest In A Screen Protector: Invest in a screen protector to keep your phone’s screen from getting scratched and cracked. Select a screen protector that fits your phone and offers the necessary level of protection from the various options available.
  • Keep Your Phone Away From Water: Water damage is a frequent reason for phone damage. Avoid using your phone near water sources, like pools or in the rain.
  • Take Care Where You Set Your Phone: Avoid putting it on shaky surfaces or beside the edge of counters or tables. By doing this, you can shield your phone from drops and other harm.
  • Don’t Overburden Your Phone: Refrain from installing an excessive number of apps or piling up excessive data. This pilling may cause your phone to malfunction and slow down.

Final Thoughts

Adhering to these preventative tips can help keep your phone safe and save money on expensive cell phone repairs or replacements. However, if your phone got damaged accidentally and you don’t know what to do with it, bring it to the NoCo Cell Phone and Repair professionals. Their cell phone repair experts will make your phone work well in no time and at affordable prices.