Mastering the Art of Professional Repairs – Your Ultimate Guide for iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Mastering the Art of Professional Repairs

According to Gottman’s research, successful couples repair early and often. It’s a strategy that prevents negativity from escalating into an argument.

From dripping faucets to squeaky floors, learn the trade secrets that will transform you into a home repairs expert. Practice plumbing perfection, tackle electrical projects, and master woodworking tasks.

What to Expect

Some companies announced Self-Service Repair today, which gives customers with experience repairing electronic devices access to the same genuine parts and tools available at Store locations and through its network of authorized service providers. With Self Service Repair, customers can follow detailed repair manuals and purchase the necessary parts, tools, and rentals to perform out-of-warranty repairs on iPhone, Mac laptop or desktop, and Apple display models.

While the effort to lower the barrier to entry for DIYers is commendable, this program also exercises a lot of control that can shut down a line of repair in the future. For example, the “parts pairing” process prevents refurbishers from harvesting working parts from spare phones to stockpile them for quick maintenance.

Gottman suggests that masters of relationships repair early and often to keep negative emotions from escalating. With the right strategies, repairing can be a fantastic game that belongs to just you and your partner.


As any car mechanic or home repair person knows, you need the right tools to complete a job. Having the correct tools can save time, money, and hassle.

For computer repair professionals, there are diagnostic tools to help identify the problem and fix it. Learn more about these professionals; these tools can save time and trouble by quickly discovering what is wrong with the hardware.

There are also software programs that can help manage a business. These can be used to track inventory, generate estimates and invoices with one click, and provide reports to managers.

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Often, the reason that a computer fails to recognize an iPhone or iPad is related to hardware. Connect your device directly to the computer’s USB port (not into a hub or keyboard), or use a different Apple USB cable. If you see a “Trust this Computer?” alert when you connect your device, trust it.

If the problem persists, ensure your Mac can communicate with Apple’s software update servers. If your computer can’t communicate with the servers, you might have unauthorized software modifications or be trying to update your device to an earlier version of iOS.

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Repair Options

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Genuine parts are designed and engineered for each device and are subject to rigorous testing. You can purchase them through the Self-Service Repair Store, along with professional-grade tools for a weeklong rental. And for some repair types, you can receive credit when you return your replaced part for recycling.

Unlike other companies that have announced DIY repair programs, Apple’s program requires you to pair parts to devices at checkout and run post-repair software available only through the company. This form of planned obsolescence makes the program less useful for refurbishers and third-party repair shops. In addition, it has several restrictions that limit the use of its hardware.