Get a NASA-approved Desktop Wallpaper from Outer Space!

Get a NASA-approved Desktop Wallpaper from Outer Space!

Desktop wallpaper from outer space? Yep, NASA has that too and they’re happy to share it with you – all you have to do is go here and choose one of your favorites! From stargazing galaxies to the deepest depths of our own ocean, there’s something here to suit everyone, no matter what type of imagery you’re in the mood for.

Find a photo you like

NASA’s Earth Observatory has an expansive library of photos taken by the agency’s satellites and astronauts. At this time, I’m looking at the image shown here of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. It was taken on December 17, 2003 and shows a view of the park that spans about eight kilometers. It’s hard to believe there are natural features that large on our planet. When you’re done looking at this photo, head over to and find your own favorite view from outer space to take with you everywhere you go!

You can also use Google Images to look for NASA photos. Type NASA images into the search box, select All Images from Google Image Search, type in another keyword describing what you want (such as clouds, mountains, or cityscape), and then click Search Images for: [your keyword]. You’ll get a new page with numerous images related to your search term. Again, be sure to download whatever picture looks best as your background so it can remind you every day how awesome science is!

Both of those methods are great if you’re just looking for one photo, but if you really like browsing through lots of pictures taken by astronauts and satellites over space and time, head on over to The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth . This incredible project gives everyone access to more than 240 thousand photos taken by NASA between 1968 and 1984. Just choose an image category that interests you–landscapes, cities, seasons, solar system–and go exploring! Whether you choose one image or find yourself scrolling through dozens of photographs on a regular basis—this is definitely an area that will leave your desktop wallpaper fresh each day.

Download the picture

It’s time to get your desktop in order for the new year. If you’re looking for inspiration, then look no further. NASA has just released images of our planet taken from outer space, which make for the perfect background on your computer screen (or phone screen)! The photos were shot by astronauts aboard the International Space Station using high-resolution cameras. Here are some examples that we found floating around the internet A photo posted by @NASAexplorer_ with #tbt: Monday may be ending, but this stunning image is timeless

A photo posted by @Space_Station with #currentevent: When you want to see your neighborhood while flying at 17500mph…

A photo posted by @GlobeEarthTrends: Praise be to the tiny pixels of Earth as seen from orbit.

Choose settings

  1. Click on the Earth tab, then click on your desired photo.
  2. Click the Download button in the upper right corner of the screen to save your photo as a wallpaper.
  3. Once downloaded, click on Options in your computer’s lower left corner and select Desktop.
  4. Drag and drop your downloaded image into the window that pops up or right click and select Set as desktop background.
  5. You’re done! Your new wallpaper is now ready to be enjoyed by you, family members, friends, co-workers and anyone who comes across it while browsing through your computer’s files. Feel free to post this blog post onto social media so more people can enjoy these amazing images too! Share with us on our Facebook page @stjohnthebaptistacademy what you think about the backgrounds we have here and if there are any other ones you would like to see! We will do our best to accommodate requests if possible!

Set it as your wallpaper

NASA provides high-resolution images of the Earth’s surface that are suitable for use as desktop wallpapers. The images are updated every week, and you can even choose what areas you want to view by clicking on any point on the globe. The website is free and easy to navigate so there is no reason not to give it a try. Start browsing now to find your favorite wallpaper! 1) Find the list of available regions:

  •  Click on a region or drag and drop it into the window
  •  Choose how much detail you want: Satellite Images (high resolution), Full Globe Satellite Images (low resolution), or Visible Light Images (low resolution)
  •  Find your desired image
  •   Select Set as Wallpaper in the right sidebar
  •  Right click your background and select Set As Desktop Background
  •  Enjoy!
  •  Take this opportunity to explore more images with similar viewing angles and feel free to browse through different times of day
  •  Browse through new topics like sunsets and sunrises 10) Consider downloading one of these cool wallpapers!