So you want to be a high paid programmer? Here are five of the best paying programming jobs out there.

So you want to be a high paid programmer Here are five of the best paying programming jobs out there.

So you want to be a high paid programmer? Many people do, but many people simply don’t know where to start. In order to be high paid as a programmer, there are three things you need to accomplish; learn the right skills, put them to use and network your way into getting connected with the right people who can hire you and pay you what you deserve. This article will help get you started on your way towards being one of the high paid programmers that everyone knows about and everyone wants to hire.

Full Stack Developer

Programmers that specialize in both front-end and back-end development are called Full Stack Developers. This is because they have skills in all aspects of software development, from design to functionality and everything in between. Plus, since this is such a specialized field, it means that their salaries will reflect the extra time spent on training and mastering these skills. Full Stack Developers make an average salary ranging from $100k-$250k annually depending on experience level and location. There are three main career paths for programmers who wish to focus primarily on Full Stack Development: a Junior Developer who helps less experienced programmers build web applications, Designers and Business Analysts.

To become a full stack developer you must earn either a Master’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering or complete an apprenticeship program for 1-2 years after college with specific companies like Apple or Facebook before transitioning into Front End Development or Back End Development.

iOS Developer

An iOS developer builds apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, using both Objective-C and Swift, Apple’s proprietary languages for iOS development. While it is possible to find employment as an iOS developer without formal training, a degree in computer science or related subject is generally required. The average salary for this job is $91K per year. A Senior iOS Developer makes around $127k while an Entry Level will make closer to $53k per year. The other perks that come with being a senior level include better benefits, more flexibility on where they work and the opportunity for remote work. If you’re interested in becoming an iOS developer, enrolling in the Udacity course Android Basics: Building Apps With App Inventor can get your foot in the door.

Android Developer

If you’re looking for top-tier salaries, becoming an Android developer is your best bet. The median salary for this job is $107,000 – with some programmers earning well over six figures at prestigious companies like Google or Facebook. A typical day includes coding, debugging and working on other projects too. One thing to note: You’ll need to have good Java skills in order to get into this field. C# Developer: C# developers earn a median annual salary of $110,000. Like the name suggests, these developers primarily use Microsoft’s C# programming language to code computer programs that often involve databases and networks.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a highly sought-after professional that can help companies make better decisions based on their customer data and big data sets. Data scientists need to have strong computer science skills, as well as deep analytical skills in order to organize and find insights from large quantities of data. The median annual salary for this position is $120,000 and some data scientists even earn up to $150,000. Demand for this role is expected to grow at 18% by 2024. Machine Learning Engineer: A machine learning engineer specializes in using algorithms that let machines learn how humans do things like drive or talk. They create software with capabilities beyond what was previously possible, such as speech recognition or autonomous vehicles.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer will handle the software lifecycle from inception to retirement, helping developers integrate code that is easy to deploy, production ready and has excellent performance and quality. You’ll need a master’s degree in engineering or computer science with focus on systems or software engineering. You’ll need to have four years of experience in at least two of these areas: system design and analysis, computer science and engineering, development operations or project management.