3 steps to enable remote desktop connections in Ubuntu 18.04

3 steps to enable remote desktop connections in Ubuntu 18.04

Remote desktop connections can be very useful when you’re sitting at your computer but need to access another computer on your network or the internet, especially if the other computer doesn’t have an operating system installed on it or has a virus that you don’t want to get. Although remote desktop connections in Linux aren’t as user-friendly as they are in Windows, they can still be very easy to set up and use with just three steps, so read below to see how to enable them in Ubuntu 18.04!

Step 1: Install xrdp on Ubuntu 18.04

Open up a terminal and run the following command: sudo apt-get install xrdp

Select Yes or OK when prompted and hit Enter.

After installation, you will want to log out of your computer and then log back in again for the changes to take effect.

Step 2: Create a user account for the Remote Desktop Connection

In the Remote Desktop Connection section, select Create a new connection and name it Ubuntu or something similar. Next, provide an account that has access to your machine via SSH and is not logged into at the moment (you can change this later). Then enter a password for this user so they can login if they need to make any changes (make sure you remember your password!). Finally, click Next to proceed with the wizard and enter the IP address of your computer.

Step 3: Connect from Windows

1) Open Remote Desktop Connection on your Windows machine

2) Type in the computer name of the server you want to connect to, and if the connection is successful, a window will pop up asking for credentials

3) Type in your username and password for the server, and click ok