Star WarsVR: How to Become a Jakku Spy

Star WarsVR: How to Become a Jakku Spy

Okay, so not all of us are allowed to visit Jakku. I mean, it’s really not a place you want to go if you want to live a long life (unless your name is Rey or Finn). The locals don’t like outsiders, and the planet itself will kill you pretty quickly without its magical force shield thingy up and running. But that doesn’t mean we can’t explore Jakku from the comfort of our living rooms!

What you will need

  •  Download the Star Wars app from the Google Play Store or App store.
  •  Use your phone’s camera to scan the code on your Google Cardboard or insert your phone in one and wait for it to load.
  •  You’ll be transported into an immersive, virtual reality world. Explore the galaxy and use an X-Wing fighter, speeder bike, or even Millennium Falcon!
  •  Earn points by completing missions and download exclusive content from missions you completed.
  • Collect credits by completing missions. These credits can be used in The Cantina for awesome Star Wars gear like lightsabers, costumes and more!
  •  Get more points by completing missions with friends and competing against them for who has the highest score!

What you need to do before you begin

If you want to be the best Jakku spy in the galaxy, these are the things you need to do before starting your mission:

  • Put your phone into your Google Cardboard (make sure it’s not upside down).
  • Open up Star Wars VR for Cardboard on your phone, then hit Play.
  • Look around using the Cardboard joystick or by moving your head.
  • If you see anyone suspicious, tap on them and they will tell you more about themselves.

Download the Star Wars VR app

Download the VR app for free on your phone, and insert it into your Google Cardboard device. The immersive experience will be waiting for you when you’re ready! And may the force be with you…always.

Watch the intro videos

Google Cardboard is an inexpensive way to experience immersive VR on your smartphone. And if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this virtual reality app is the next best thing! Just download the free app and use your phone in place of the device that came with it. First, you will be sent on a mission as a spy for the Resistance and must quickly break into an Imperial hangar and steal schematics for new weapons.

Play Mission: Don’t get caught by Teedo or First Order Troopers

In the first mission, you are being chased by Teedo and First Order Troopers. To complete the mission, you must make it through the desert without getting caught. The controls are straightforward – use your phone’s gyroscope to move around and tap anywhere on screen to fire lasers. Throughout your adventure, you’ll find powerups that will help in your fight against the bad guys.

Follow Unkar Plutt at Niima Outpost

Unkar Plutt has been running Niima Outpost for many years and has been the go-to guy for anything from scrap metal to live bantha. He’s always looking for new opportunities, and this latest opportunity might be his best yet. You’ll need to find him first though, he can usually be found roaming around in the marketplace area of the outpost. Once you’ve spoken with him, he’ll tell you all about his latest project, trading information with spies on Jakku!

Complete Delivery Missions for BB-8 and Paige Tico

In the mission, players will be tasked with completing delivery missions for BB-8 and Paige Tico. Once you have completed the mission, you will receive XP points in the form of credits. These credits can be used on new Star Wars virtual reality missions.