Project Management Institute offers free courses to help manage your project during COVID-19 quarantine

Project Management Institute offers free courses to help manage your project during COVID-19 quarantine

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is offering free project management courses for people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and their families. The PMI hopes that these courses will help you better manage your projects during this turbulent time, and get back to your daily life as soon as possible.

Save time by taking a PMP course

It’s hard enough to stay on top of your work when you’re in the middle of a quarantine. That’s why Project Management Institute is offering free PMP training this week, so you can get certified and have an easier time managing projects for clients or for yourself. You can sign up for a four hour course (or one hour sessions) on Wednesday, October 24th. The last session will be at 2:00 pm PT/5:00 pm ET. Click here for more information and registration! PMI has had three other dates for COVID-19 PMP Training. But this date may not be open depending on how many people register. Be sure to click here and register today!

Register now while there are still seats available! We know it’s tough trying to focus on your job when everyone else is focused on getting the COVID-19 virus under control. Let us take care of some of that burden with these classes, taught by industry experts and continuing all month long. PMI has offered two weeks worth of these workshops already, but don’t worry – if they fill up before November 8th, we’ll do our best to offer another class just for you.

Become more agile in thinking with PRINCE2 training

The PMI project management certification, PRINCE2, is a globally recognized standard that provides the most up-to-date advice on how to effectively manage projects. The training course is designed for professionals and managers who are new or experienced in project management. The course also teaches you how to think like an agile project manager, understanding the key principles and techniques of this methodology.

Students who complete the PRINCE2 course will be able to think about projects as complex adaptive systems with two main phases: initiating and managing. Students will learn about how to plan for and react in different situations in order to achieve success. Attendees will also get access to online resources for learning the best practices at their own pace.

Through our community forums, attendees can share their ideas, strategies and questions so they can work collaboratively and create solutions together. With limited time left before COVID-19 begins, we recommend signing up now so that you can start preparing for your next project!

Get started with Scrum as soon as possible

The Scrum methodology is a highly structured framework that helps teams of people work together more effectively. It was created as a reaction to the challenges faced by software development teams and has since been widely adopted in many other disciplines. The framework uses three time periods for tasks: Sprint, Daily, and Weekly. Using these periods creates a clear timeline for team members so they know what tasks are expected of them at any given time.

This structure also creates accountability and transparency among team members which leads to greater efficiency and productivity. If you want to get started with Scrum but don’t know where to start, PMI offers free Project Management courses that cover this subject matter throughout COVID-19 quarantines from April 1st through April 24th, 2019. Courses include Intro to Agile/Scrum (10 hours), How to Lead Meetings (2 hours), and Structured Approaches to Leadership & Communication (8 hours). All course registrations are first come first serve, so register now if you’re interested!

Need training but can’t travel? Try online learning

PMI is offering free coursework for a limited time. No need to leave home or office. The classes are a mix of live and archived lectures and cover the most popular Project Management topics like PMP, PRINCE2®, Agile, Lean and Six Sigma. The seminars are designed for working professionals who need training without leaving their job or home. You can take in the lessons at any time, day or night, on any device with an internet connection ̶‍♀ ̶‍♂ ̶‍♥ ̶‍♀ ̶‍♥! With over 7 million members worldwide and instructors located in over 75 countries, you have access to the best talent from around the world.

Learn from industry experts like David Jordon, Rod Cooper, Jon Phillips and many others! There’s no better way to stay current as well as prepare for changes in leadership. And you get up to 2 years of access so you don’t have to worry about building time into your schedule or remembering passwords again. Head over now and register for a class. You’ll be glad you did later when there’s nothing but bad news to watch on TV, won’t feel guilty about being productive, and will learn how to improve your skills today. Plus, it’s FREE! If you’re worried about cost, we offer a free trial period so you can make sure that it fits your needs before committing. Register for a class today and save money by avoiding travel costs. Plus:

  • Our course materials are always available – anytime and anywhere (includes webinars, podcasts)
  • Free unlimited access for two full years
  • Access to our huge library of video courses (over 150 videos)